Scissortail Cycles

Scissortail Cycles is the product of years of experience in the bicycle industry. Dewayne started working on bikes as a college student in 1994. Since then he has worked in every aspect of the industry but his main focus has been on the service end.

If there’s one thing Dewayne loves it’s making stuff from scratch. Frame making allows him to combine his loves of cycling and building into beautiful, custom bikes.

Scissortail Cycles

Frames by Freddie

Freddie Custom Frames, built with steel, one at a time, the old way.

Frames by Freddie
Bicycle League of Norman

A cycling group based in Norman, OK who strive to educate both new and seasoned riders alike in the nuances of road cycling, touring, racing, and mountain biking.

Norman Bicycle Advisory Committee

Responsible for reviewing the Bicycle Transportation Development Plan and the implementation of recommendations to encourage and support biking.

Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship

A statewide organization dedicated to the enhancement of off-road cycling through trail advocacy, maintenance, and cooperation with land managers and users.

Team Warmup

Team Warmup is a small cycling team from Norman, OK that is ok, I guess. They like to have fun, ride, and hang out. Prepping the real racers since 2012.

University of Oklahoma Cycling

The official collegiate cycling team for the University of Oklahoma. Racers include students and faculty but membership is open for anyone interested.

Norman High School Cycling

The first Oklahoma high school to register as an official triathlon team under the USA HSTC. An enthusiastic and dedicated group classified as division 5 within the district.